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I gave them a resume with all kinds of credentials on it 4 months ago to Express Employment Sarnia and I haven't heard a word from them since. Not one. Not a call. Not an e-mail. Nothing. As far as I know they threw my resume in the trash the minute I walked away. Somehow I managed to get job interviews all on my own and was hired full time this week. Odd how I could do that and so called employment professionals couldn't do squat for me in 4... Read more

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The staff was ok in richmond an marin ,i feel they were misleading in both locations after ,i font feel i could recamend any one to them

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I was kicked out of the office in Parsippany, because I had my baby and my 10 year old with me. My baby did not even make a sound.The receptionist stated that I had to leave because they are a professional office and children are not allowed in the office. She told me to send my children to the car, really! Unattended and in a hot car! I went into the hall way to wait for my mother that was applying for a job, the rude receptionist told me to... Read more

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I work for the one in Metairie Louisiana, the job the sent me was terrible. And i decided not to go back after 4 days of work and that was almost a month ago. Unfortunately I had to move back out of town and when I asked for my check to be sent to me they gave me the run-around about it. Then they drop my pay to 7.25 then let me go. And im still waiting on my check. Try to talk to someone and no one can tell what happen. Read more

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Im still waiting to be contacted by a vp or district manager/district supervisor. Im disgusted how they acted like corprate passing the phones back and fourth. They will never see bussiness by my family or friends Morristown TN..

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If I could give this company a zero instead of one star I would. This is the worst temp agency I have every worked for. The provide inaccurate information, mistreat their employees and are very unorganized. As the pervious person stated, they make a pretty penny for the employees that assign to contacts so you would think the would treat their employees fairly and with respect, but no! You get under paid while they make double off of you! There... Read more

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I responded to a business listing for a staffing business for sale. Sounded great as it was doing almost $1.8Mill in revenue and selling for $125K. So what is the catch? Well u have to fork over 8% to the corporate office leaving very little for the poor husband and wife team hustling all the businesses and staff recruits. No wonder noone wants to buy it. So i asked Bill what is the advantage express pro has over other chains and local... Read more

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Ocala office on 10th street told me they could not find work for me for 6 months .After I went to a assignment that wasn t for me so I told the boss on site that and I was calling express to let them know.Now after months they tell me its a year before they could find me anything.Have this happened to anyone else?

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Myrtle Beach, SC office has a great, friendly staff and they really went to bat for me. Not only did they help me find a long term position, they helped me work on my resume in case they weren't able to help me. I get that this is supposed to be a complaint, but I really have no negatives to say. They worked with me until they found a great position that fit my previous work history, as well as what the rate of pay I was seeking was. They even... Read more

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Pietermaritzburg branch in chief Albert Rd front desk was rude almost felt not accommodating or advising or helpful... was just want to dropped cv.

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