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Didn't even make it through the Express Interview. I filled out the application and got called into an interview. I sat down for the interview and the interviewer wanted to know what type of job I was looking for. I said a fast paced job, something hands on and to keep me busy. She said I need more then that something a little more specific. I said I just need a job, something that will pay the bills 40 hours a week. She then said," ok what type... Read more

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Took two months to get a actual paying job doing what I asked to get up front. Went to the job was let go because without an explanation. During the entire time I had to beg them to fix my checks. Or had to call to make sure they had my timecard. When I called I was told always it was my fault and treated me as if they would let me go if I continued to ask about my checks. When I finally got upset they treated me as if I didn't even deserve to... Read more

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Wow, I actually had the total opposite happen in my case but you are right about one thing "dishonesty". I would have been happy even with a offer in which i was over qualified. The fact of the matter is look the part play the part but be careful these temp agency clowns know they are as expendable as their cattle that they send to slaughter house. They are subpar educated first year wannabes that are going to find out how the other half lives... Read more

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The people are Express are anything but professional. What they are is rude and unqualified to do their jobs. They are only concerned with getting money in the door. They have a complete lack of ethics and will continue to try placing you in jobs you are not qualified for. At one point, they actually wanted me to lie on a job interview. They don't care how the workers are treated, what they need, or if they are even qualified for the job,... Read more

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They don't pay and when they say u will make $14 they will onley pay $11 what a joke corrupt joke for them they do not care they also don't conveniently lost a week of hours and are rude on phone

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Worse experience with Express! Told many times that there was no jobs available then they post on Facebook there is. They finally find me a job and messed it up. Showed up at the job and got sent home twice. Second time I showed up they had told me Express told them that they couldn't find anyone for the job, so they found someone else. I went and paid for steel toe shoes for nothing. Because they don't know what their doing I missed out on a... Read more

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Not too sure about the one in Post Falls Idaho. Just met with them to try and find a better job. Turns out my current employer is one of their clients so I was told that , technically, I was creating a conflict of interest by being there and would have to give two weeks notice to my current employer before they could help me into another job . Since they cant guarantee that I would be hired, I would be putting myself at risk for being... Read more

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I have worked for express for quite awhile now.I have the best ladies in our office they treat me with respect & as friendly cheerful and positive as can be. Now i want to put this out there when you are hired they tell you that you can turn down any assignment but if you accept an assignment you must give it 2 full shifts before you quit that assignment. You are given a description of your job duties and rate of pay as well as expected duration... Read more

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Huntsville office is horrible especially Justine an employee there,they love to lie about all the jobs they send you on ,and when you need them there nowhere to be a word do yourself a favor stay away

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I had the worst time with them misleading information ,and ignored when contact was needed .do yourself a favor stay away from them one person that works at the Alabama office ,Justine is very unprofessional .

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