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Need work always placed in manufacturing. Will not consider or look at resume or previous experience.

Always apply usually several times a day if a job is posted on indeed. Cassie fails to communicate properly about the jobs or doesn't return calls. You call in every week and there are no openings but if you go into the department of labor in Lafayette she offers the same jobs to people who just got out of prison.

But my education or previous work experience is not considered. What is going on with your employees and why are they not trying to help properly.

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I actually walked into Express recently looking for work. Figured why not, my last gig with a temp agency went south fast.

I filled out a little sheet with information and the guy at the desk told me they had no work for me. What he didn't know is that prior to walking into the building I had just secured an interview with a non-manufacturing based company (and I have more experience in manufacturing than anything else). I also ended up landing a job shortly after that visit that paid on the higher end of the wage range I asked from them for a job. However, I've seen ex-felons with tons of experience get jobs through them and get absolutely robbed as far as the hourly wage goes.

They and a few other temp agencies have a really bad reputation, whether or not they realize it around here. They're an easy way to earn quick cash. Not to mention, most companies I've worked for through temp agencies are usually in the process of being acquired or have really poor life-work balance, or would probably be shut down if OSHA was decently funded.

Keep your head up and keep trying. There are better options than these temp agencies.

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