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I was harrassed by the client the Winona, MN branch placed me with and Laura just shrugged it off.Sad because I worked for Express for years and refered a ton of people but when I was sexually harrassed, verbally abused and intimidated she felt it was all good.

Then when I finally quit because I figured no one had my back, she was mad at me. Any "real" job this would be documented and Laura would be sued!

Major attitude from that one.She does not realize she is not a real HR person, its pretty sad, Karma will get her someday.

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Winona ,MN horrible ,rude and lazy . They tell you not to put applications anywhere else and then never call back or offer you a job that only last a week . What a waste of time


Forgert about the poster #6 above, clearly unobvious to the mistreatment that companies and coworkers bring to temps, even temps that are high level workers like engineers and technicians.

I agree with the original posters comments.I had a terrible experience with Express Employment on 3230 E Broadway Rd Phoenix, AZ 85040 All the companies that Express works with and represent are sleazy companies that have a hard time finding employees in the first place because they have terrible work environments, poor salaries, little to no benefits, and terrible management that treats all employees like garbage.

I have visited a few Express Employment agencies in both Illinois and Arizona and Express Employment represents the lowest end of companies for any industry. If you are looking for a real job in Maintenance, visit either a specialty technical staffing firm, or find a position with direct placement. During my assignment as a contractor through Express, the company that I worked at basically discriminated towards me and harassed me during work, and when I spoke up for the unfair treatment, I was immediately fired since I was a temp.

The recruiter at Express didn't even make an effort to hear my side of the story or try to help me find another job.Unfair treatment and very unprofessional service towards their workforce.


yes I had the office in roges did a 4 hr drive from the place to home to the job I needed the job, 2 days then 4 days the next week, 4th of july, then let go, was not told it was short term, one of the other temps was cussing at me from day one I told those ppl in the office in Rogers mn, and they did nothing, now one week later still waiting on my cks. i will call the labor board or maybe a lawyer and let them fork out the bill for that.


Unfortunately "Good luck finding another job", there are many right now who have skills and would be wonderful employees but the current economic conditions mean you sometimes have to settle for what you can, especially when you have a family to feed.

My own experiences with Express have been marred with misuse and outright abuse. I took an assignment on a trial basis and that was an understood right from the start. The company sent me to a local print house where I was doing everything from bindery to finally changing out plates on the large format presses. It was tedious and in my own opinion, not worth the pittance I was being paid. It was like doing the work of three people for one wage. The workers there with me did not take a meal break or any kind of break, they stood there on the line and ate standing.

Now that might be fine for them, I know that they were making more than I, but I knew that I was not a fit for the position and in the spirit of trial, I spoke with the supervisor on the line and told him politely that this was not for me and proceeded to leave. The hours were horrible and the pay not great and the expectations were, to put it mildly, unrealistic.

Now that I am on unemployment for what I hope is a short stint, Express has fought it and submitted an outright lie to the Department of Workforce Development here in Wisconsin. They said that I quit and did not finish my last assignment. While I am willing to concede that I did...

The thing that truly causes my blood to boil is that they told me in no uncertain terms that if there was a job I was sent to that was not a good fit for me, to tell them and they would find me something else. I acted in good faith, did not just walk off the job but made sure to notify the correct people involved and the reasoning. I did as I was supposed to and still they fight my unemployment even though I have not worked for them in months.

I have worked without complaint at some of the most deplorable jobs that they have sent me to. I have done a days labor for a days wages and thought nothing of it. To be treated so shabbily is unacceptable and you can make all the excuses for them that you would like but until you have suffered the indignities that they heap on others, you should not criticize someone for telling of their experiences.

In the case of Express, I would say that there is enough evidence out there of their flagrant misuse of people and their skills to warrant someone seriously looking into their business practices and the numerous complaints which, based on my own experiences, are valid.

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Kudos to you!Another former temp success story.

I've been through the abuse and neglect involved with temp agencies, as well, and now have two degrees and a full-time job in education.:-D The best way to stick it to these places is to prove that they're as worthless as their administrators and that good, honest, hard-working folks don't NEED them!


Nobody should have to put up with being harrassed. Good for you, standing up for yourself.


Oh hey Laura...I mean "good luck finding another job" lol.I did get a new job.

Full time HR job in the Twin Cities.

I dont have "issues" I am a very educated person who knows poor employee treatment when I see it.So does everyone else on here complaining about Express.


Maybe you should consider your actions before slandering someone.

Didn't Laura help you find a job when you were in need?

You need to take a look inside yourself and realize that if you were all wouldn't need that HORRIBLE Laura to help you.

It really sounds like you had issues, and obviously terrible coping mechanisms.

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