Des Moines, Iowa
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Didn't receive paycheck Friday like was suppose to.Called Des Moines office and get answering machine, leave message.

Call Erins personal cell, get voicemail, leave message no response. Call Saturday morning on her cell and again leave a message and no response. Text her Saturday afternoon and no response. Call at 3pm and leave a message with no response.

Called after five when Saturday mail ran and check still wasn't in there and left a final message that someone needed to call me by Monday morning 8am or I was calling labor board. Sunday mid morning Erin texts me that she will do some checking and to call Tori on Tuesday about check. I told her that I need check asap cause I have bills to pay. She gives me run around.Tells me not to have an attitude with her to call Tori.

I have every right to be upset cause my check was to be here in my hand on Friday and it wasn't and I have a kid to feed. She wanted to place me at another assignment and I refused till she paid me what I am owed.


Monetary Loss: $300.

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This person is a complete *** looking for attention.


If it weren't for Tim Miller, your *** *** wouldn't have a job. Sits in his AC office.. You ***.. I've seen that man working on the floor and helping out more times then I've ever seen him in the office.

2. The Rural Queen, everyone that walks in that store loves her and looks for her. Are you jealous that no one is looking for you for assistance? *** I wouldn't look for you either.

She goes in and covers everyones ***. She has time spent away from her family because of her job.

3. Whoever wrote this is a complete dipshit.

All rural king stores are dusty and dirty. Its a farm store you fuckbag! What more do you expect? Staying till 930-10pm to zone or clean is your job.

Don't like it then quite like a bunch of the others have because you/they can't handle doing your job.

What is it that you do there? Are you one of the idiots that stand up there looking like a hot mess and burn popcorn all day? Get real!

Better yet, you think it's so bad to work there, you think the employees are bad there... Go find yourself a different job. Oh wait.. You probably wouldn't last there a day either.

You know what the best thing about the internet is.. Everything is traceable.

Good luck on your next job bc im sure your *** *** will be fired.:)

Brentwood, Tennessee, United States #907449

Hopefully the labor board will do a drop-in investigation.That way the have no notice so they can't " cook the books".

Now you are behind and can't even enjoy your whole paycheck.I've been there and I hate that it hapoened to you.-

Brentwood, Tennessee, United States #907444

I like your style! They CANNOT pay you late no matter what the excuse. I would contact the labor board no matter what.

to Tlc Polk City, Iowa, United States #907448

I did call labor board and corporate office in Oklahoma.I raised *** with everyone.

It took them till Wednesday to cut me a check.I will never work for them again!

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