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You will get work, however they will ignore what it is your looking for, how far your willing to travel and the lowest your willing to get paid. And the work is spotty and extremely unreliable.

I just finished working for them and I made some money but doing back breaking work, even though I told them I had a bad back and bad knees. Also they stuck me in jobs that I did not have proper experience for. They will through you at ANYTHING, just so they can make there buck, after all its not there record, or body. I would avoid them at all cost, and most temp agencies at that.

I recommend just using work search Web sites and upload a resume. That way the employer and you can make the decisions, not some fat lady behind a desk that NEVER done ANY manual labor in her life

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I was threatened to be black-balled by one Express office (that has long since gone out of business) because I kept turning down assignments that were up to 1.5 hour commute. This after I had explained due to childcare issues, I would only travel within a 20 mile radius. And yes, that was explained to them in the very beginning and written down on my application information.

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